Our Approach

We are likely to ask a lot of questions about what you are trying to do;  how you got where you are so far;  and where you would like to go next.   We may be able to suggest alternatives, but often this background information just helps us to be more targeted and efficient at getting you to the next step. 


Our Story

SWOB was founded by Eldred (El) Giefer after holding several management positions in Biostatistics in the Pharmaceutical industry, including Director at King Pharmaceuticals, Director at ASI (later Constella Group), Associate Director at GSK, and Manager at Bristol-Myers.

Evelyn Elkin Giefer, DVM, heads the SWOB Medical Writing function which specializes in writing FDA submission documents.   She has also provided clinical expertise to various statistical issues. 

Her clinical trials experience includes the Senior Project Manager position at Quintiles, and various Clinical Trial positions at Glaxo Inc. Pharmaceuticals.  

Contacts in the RTP area of North Carolina, have allowed additional resources for larger projects.  In particular, SAS Programmers are often under contract with SWOB for large programming projects;  as are Quality Control professionals, as well as other clinical trial statisticians in the area.